Why parents choose Tucker-Maxon School

Nationally acclaimed oral education school that attracts students whose families have relocated from all over the United States, as well as internationally, in order to provide their children with theTucker-Maxon School experience. Students with hearing loss do not use sign language; instead, with the help of assistive technologies and trained professionals, they listen, talk and learn like their typical hearing peers. Master’s level teachers with one of the lowest teacher to student ratios in Portland (8:1) allow our teachers to tailor lessons to meet the needs of each individual student. A focus on listening and spoken language development is woven throughout our … Continue reading

What People Are Saying About Tucker-Maxon

“It makes me very happy to be so independent, not having to rely on pen and paper like my other deaf friends do. There’s a big difference between what I can do and what they can do.” -Lee Josephson, Tucker-Maxon Alumna “We knew we wanted the best possible oral education for Vaughn. The reputation of Tucker-Maxon was so strong, we moved here from Louisiana without ever having visited Oregon.” -Kathleen Brown, Tucker-Maxon Parent “I want Francie to be able to do everything a hearing child can do. Because of Tucker-Maxon, all the doors will be open for her.” -Anne Smyth, … Continue reading

A Parent’s Perspective on Tucker-Maxon

“Both of my girls have hearing loss and bilateral cochlear implants which offers them hearing at a level equivalent to their peers. Portland Public Schools preschool program offers eight hours per week of school for their oral program, 20 minutes per month in a pull out (in the corner of a classroom) with a teacher of the deaf for one-on-one speech. There is no interaction with their hearing peers. Yet they are mainstreamed into a regular classroom at age five. When you visit the classroom you find children who don’t play together and have limited language. And these are kids … Continue reading

Letter from Lindsay Frost a Tucker-Maxon Alumna

Looking back at my life, I feel amazed and blessed and I would have never gotten this far without the help, love, and support of family and friends. It’s been an interesting journey being a deaf girl in a hearing world. There’s been many challenges that i’ve had to over come. I was born in NY city. At 9 months, my mom was babysitting a little girl my age and she noticed that girl could hear things I didn’t. At 1, I was diagnosed with a mild to moderate hearing loss. Because my parents loved me, they moved to OR … Continue reading

Letter from Rachel Heringer a Tucker-Maxon Alumna

I attended Tucker-Maxon for preschool and it set the ultimate base for my future endeavors and success. Tucker allowed me to learn and to play without any limitations whatsoever. The community surrounding Tucker, the teachers, parents, and students were so positive and dedicated to helping each other grow. The compassion and support was unbelievable, and that’s something that I can say has not changed here. I was born profoundly deaf and had my surgery to get a cochlear implant when I was 2 years old. From this point on until I was in about 3rd grade, I really didn’t conceptualize … Continue reading