Incognito beavers found roaming the halls

Tucker Maxon students from preschool through 5th grade learn to use visual elements and principles such as line, color, shape, space, texture and balance. Students attend art class once a week, lead by a professional artist.  Our students also study the histories and biographies of noted artists and architects. Students are also introduced to the art of photography and study famous photographers.


Our student Bijou painting in the outdoors


Most students grow up with a coloring book in their hands, and for good reason. Art is endlessly fun, and wonderful outlet to explore the creativity. An activity as simple as coloring can train students’ brains to think in “opened” answers, which means that their brains learn to consider all possible options, even ones that aren’t usually thought of. Art also  help students understand more about themselves and others, since it is way actually see what some one else has expressed at an age when listening and understanding can be hard. Humans have been creating art since the earliest  cave painting- it is their way of expressing themselves and even adults continue to be amazed by works of art.