Celebrating day 100 with 100 cups

Celebrating day 100 with 100 cups

Kindergarten is the child and family’s first introduction to elementary school. Partnerships are developed between schools and families that provide a strong community of support. Parents are invited to share in their child’s schooling in a variety of ways.

Each child brings a wealth of educational and cultural experiences to kindergarten. Children have encountered many “teachers” (parents, siblings, extended family, friends, and neighbors) before they meet their kindergarten teacher.

A Kindergarten teacher promotes self-discovery and self-awareness. The teacher fosters independence and helps children to gain and use skills necessary for working in small groups as well as the class as a whole. Children learn how to function well as group members, how to ask for help and to be helpful, how to complete a task and put things away. Each child is encouraged to move beyond his/her current level of understanding.


Kindergarten is musical!

Kindergarten curriculum is designed to address all areas of development (social, emotional, physical and intellectual) and to meet needs of a diverse group of learners. Children are active learners: touching, trying, moving, talking, writing, drawing, questioning. Throughout the kindergarten day, children have opportunities to explore, investigate, and predict.

The kindergarten classroom is a safe, supportive and welcoming environment. It provides children with a variety of opportunities to try out new ideas and be challenged with new experiences that engage budding readers, writers, mathematicians and artists. The teacher helps children to be empowered, to feel valued, to be listened to, to be competent and successful in school.