Spring 2017 choir concert

Over the course of history, deaf children and adults, even with hearing aids, could not hear the melody of voices and the nuances of spoken language. However, technology has changed history. Today, with the proper hearing aids or cochlear implants, children who are deaf or hard of hearing can learn to listen with their auditory devices. They can hear the melody and nuance of spoken language now more than ever before.

One way we can provide deaf children with the practice they need is to provide music instruction once a week. Through music, deaf and hearing children can learn to match pitch changes, can learn to sustain their voices and produce ascending and descending scales in songs. They can also follow rhythmic patterns and can “sing” rounds with their classmates either with rhythmic patterns or melodies. The older students are also learning to sing different parts in a song. The musicality that the students are developing is wonderful.

Another perk of music instruction is the confidence that performances allow children – deaf and typically hearing – to develop. This is perfectly in line with our core values of Creativity, Conversation, Confidence, and Community. All the children in the school love the expression and creativity that music allows.

Cultural Night 2017