Physical Education

The Physical Education program at Tucker Maxon School is built around five main rules: safety, respect, hard work, fun, and doing your best.
PE_RopeswingThe early development of physical fitness is necessary for proper development of a human’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical wellbeing. Research indicates cognitive abilities are positively correlated with physical fitness, as well as a student’s ability to concentrate, sit still, and pay attention. Creating lifelong, physically active and fit beings is at the core of the Physical Education program at Tucker Maxon. This will help children live longer, learn and work more efficiently, and thus be happier. It is necessary to make the activities as diverse in activities and concepts as possible. Some examples would be rock climbing, lacrosse, disc golf, skating, and roller sports as well as more typical activities. Diverse activities will create the best opportunity for success within each child and thus create a better chance that more of them will be active throughout their lives.

The goal is always to foster and build self-confidence, positive body image, and self-esteem growth by setting up a situation where the child can succeed, no matter what the task. Learning in the physical sense is best done through active participation and repetition. Experimenting with one’s body and finding one’s own strengths andweaknesses creates self-confidence and realization of abilities. There are also general guidelines and instruction to reach personalization of tasks and skills. All children differ and they must find their body’s most appropriate way of doing things. Some aspects of skills are necessary, while others should be left up to individuals so they can create their own most efficient way of doing things.

Physical Education Program goals include: communication and socialization skills, importance of safety and doing your best, sense of pride for self and community, empathy, growth of self-esteem and personal confidence, attaining a positive body image and self-image, sportsmanship skills, team skills, and love of lifelong physical activity.