Jordan NuccioScience Teacher

Jordan is Tucker Maxon’s Elementary Science teacher and parent to two current Tucker Maxon students. In her spare time she is a small animal veterinarian and has been practicing in the Portland area for 12 years. Her kids inspired her to give teaching a try and after a few animal science classroom demonstrations she was hooked.  Now she is working on making science approachable and exciting for all students Kindergarten through upper Elementary with hands-on project based learning in the new STEAM lab at our school. She brings her real-life science experience into the classroom and it’s not uncommon to find some sort of animal involved in her lesson plans, from termites and salmon to bats and dogs.

Jordan grew up in Northern Virginia and found her way to Oregon with her husband, a winemaker in the Willamette Valley, after completing vet school at Tufts in Massachusetts. She shares her life with her wonderful kids and husband as well as a veritable zoo.

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