Keri Ann GordonEducational Assistant

    Keri Ann Gordon was born and raised here in Portland, OR. She loves being outdoors, hiking, fishing and camping. She also dabbles in arts and crafts, DIY projects, and baking in the Fall.

    Keri Ann is certified in fitness technology, medical coding and billing, CNA, Nutritional Consultant, professional organizing, and has her brokers and property management licenses. She has a deep interest for continued learning and is always working on something new.

    Her son Logan was born with cross modal neuroplasticity and bilaterally profound deafness. Keri Ann has completed over 200 hours of speech, occupational therapy and EI with Logan. Through this process, she realized she had a gift for patience and nurturing. She also realized that advocating for those without a voice was her passion.

    Keri Ann is now going to school for deaf studies.

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