Kristen HustoftEducational Assistant

Kristin has been working in the childcare field for over 10 years, starting in high school, where her school had an onsite preschool program that students could participate in, and she has loved working with kids ever since. She loves to do crafty things, particularly latch hooking and painting. She also loves to travel with her family. She loves playing games too – mostly farming games or board games though she is pretty much up for anything that is fun to play. She also loves to cook! She finds it relaxing and interesting to try new recipes and put her own spin on each one with the help of her amazing cook dad from whom she learned from how to do more complicated dishes and from her mother who helped her learn to make simple dishes out of anything hanging around the pantry. She has 5 siblings – one biological and 4 step-siblings. She is excited to be stepping into this new chapter and getting to know everyone!

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