Rebecca SchroederFormer Teacher of the Deaf (TMS), Social Venture Partners

    Rebecca first fell in love with the field of deaf education as a houseparent for adolescent students at the Clarke School for the Deaf in Northampton, MA. It was there that she watched children burst into tears the first time they heard crickets and beam with pride as they successfully advocated for themselves using spoken language. She moved to Portland in 1997 to teach at Tucker Maxon where she worked primarily with young children and their families for six years before becoming a parent herself.

    In addition to her experience in education, Rebecca has a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Michigan and a passion for system change work on behalf of children and families. She has been an advocate for equity in education with Stand For Children and Social Venture Partners Portland where she has been an Investor Partner since 2011. She is committed to supporting organizations that serve Oregon’s most vulnerable children and families and believes that all children deserve an equal chance at learning and life success through high quality early childhood education.

    Rebecca enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with her husband David and their two teenage daughters.

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