Stacia RosenauElementary Teacher

Stacia Rosenau is an elementary teacher here at Tucker Maxon, and she is loving every minute! Stacia loves the community feel here at Tucker – her two daughters also attended the school, so it’s like a big school family.

Stacia has always been fascinated with children’s development. When she was growing up in her mother’s home daycare, she would record the children learning how to talk on her tape recorder as a way of documenting their speech development. Later on, Stacia majored in psychology specializing in child development, and then got her masters in social work. She worked as a child and family therapist, specializing in play therapy with young children. This was rewarding and challenging work, and she learned a lot about working with families and children. However, after becoming a mom herself, her interests turned to teaching, and she pursued her masters of arts in teaching. She now blends these experiences to work and play with kids at Tucker, and be the best teacher she can be!

Stacia has three children – two daughters and a son – and a husband who teaches high school social studies. She has lived in Idaho, Oregon, West Virginia (which has fabulous hiking), upstate New York, and very upstate New York in the tiny town of Ticonderoga. She currently lives in Oregon City in a house out in the country, along with Papa Bunny, a snake (her son’s), two rescue birds, and one large, hairy dog. Stacia spends her extra time cheering for her kids at various activities, doing home improvement projects, tries to get out to hike, has been known to camp, and finds sanctuary from a busy life in her flower garden.

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