Tracy MandelArt Teacher

Tracy’s early education in art came through the influence of her mom, who is also an artist, and through her own love of creating. As a child she would disappear for hours finding clay in the creek bed on her parents’ property to make little clay animals that she would sell to her teachers. Due to their encouragement, and her growing love of art, Tracy continued to study ceramics and other modalities of art in college.

Tracy has taught art throughout the Portland area with Grace Art Camp, Saturday Academy and in alternative school settings. She is a registered Art Therapist who practices at Randall Children’s Hospital and in an outpatient setting, when she is not at Tucker Maxon. Tracy holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a Masters of Art Therapy.

In her free time, Tracy loves being outside, hiking, camping, gardening, running and playing with her family at the beach. Her daughter, Rue is in Mrs. Shaffer’s kindergarten class this year. Tracy also plays a little banjo, but truth be told not very well…

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