What People Are Saying About Tucker-Maxon

“It makes me very happy to be so independent, not having to rely on pen and paper like my other deaf friends do. There’s a big difference between what I can do and what they can do.”

-Lee Josephson, Tucker-Maxon Alumna

“We knew we wanted the best possible oral education for Vaughn. The reputation of Tucker-Maxon
was so strong, we moved here from Louisiana without ever having visited Oregon.”

-Kathleen Brown, Tucker-Maxon Parent

“I want Francie to be able to do everything a hearing child can do. Because of Tucker-Maxon, all the doors will be open for her.”

-Anne Smyth, Tucker-Maxon Parent

“Because of Tucker-Maxon, deaf children can grow up to be successful in every profession.”

-Bud Lindstrand, retired CEO, ODS Health Plans

“Without Tucker-Maxon, our son would have grown up as a silent person unable to talk. But now he communicates easily with everyone”

-Tucker-Maxon Parent

“There is nothing I would trade for my Tucker-Maxon education”

-Tucker-Maxon Alumna

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