Founded in 1947, Tucker-Maxon is an OPTION-accredited school offering early intervention, tele-intervention, pre-school, and K-5 education for hearing-impaired and typical hearing children with a focus on listening and speaking. Our small classes with an average 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio and co-enrollment with typically hearing children results in improved listening and speaking skills. Art, music and PE programs augment our focus on building communication, problem-solving and scholastic achievement. On-site audiology and speech-language pathology provide assessment and assistance for children with cochlear implants and hearing aids. Our collaborative, family-centered approach develops children’s listening and speaking abilities while supporting the family in providing a language-rich environment at home.

Tucker-Maxon has been ranked among the top schools in the country and valued for its innovative service and dedication to teaching children to speak, learn, laugh, and sing together! Why Parents Choose Tucker-Maxon.

Patty Smith

Enrollment Coordinator Tucker-Maxon School
2860 SE Holgate Boulevard Portland Oregon 97202 United States Call: 503.235.6551