Interested in our Early Intervention program but don’t live near Portland? Consider Tele-Intervention!

With every bone in my body, I believe in Tucker’s Tele-Intervention program, in this school, and whole-heartedly recommend it to every parent of a deaf or hard of hearing child.
– Brandi H. (parent of a TI student)

Our Early Intervention services can also be provided over the internet (via Skype or Facetime) by our EI specialist. We can start working with you right away to build your child’s listening and spoken language skills – no matter where you live.

Benefits of Tele-Intervention:

  • Access to Qualified Specialists & Interpreters
  • No Travel Burden or Costs
  • Fewer Health-Related Cancellations
  • Increased Use of Family-Centered Coaching
  • And free of charge!

A 2015 national study showed that:

  • Tele-Intervention was just as or more effective than in-person Early Intervention (NCHAM).
  • On average, families and children receiving services via Tele-Intervention (TI) have better language outcomes and auditory skills than children who received services through traditional in-person visits.
  • Families receiving services via TI are more engaged in the intervention than the in-person group families, and providers are more responsive to the families when providing services via TI.
  • Families who received TI services feel equally supported, knowledgeable, and confident in fostering their child’s development as families who receive in-person services.
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