Art & Music

All Tucker Maxon students, from preschool through 5th grade, participate in our Art & Music programs once a week.

Art & Music help students understand more about themselves and the world around them. Instruction in the arts helps children to build confidence, and foster self-expression and creativity. As part of our art & music curriculum, students receive instruction on a variety of different visual elements, mediums, and musical instruments, as well as chorus. Students also learn about noted artists and musicians throughout history.


Most children grow up with a coloring book in their hands, and for good reason. Art is endlessly fun and is a wonderful outlet for children to explore their creativity. Art trains our brains to creatively problem-solve, helping children to consider all possible options before making decisions.

Our art classes are lead by a professional artist. In addition to applying principles such as line, color, shape, space, texture, and balance to art projects, students will learn about famous painters, architects, sculptors, and photographers throughout history.


In the past, deaf and hard of hearing people couldn’t hear the melody of voices or nuances of spoken language, even with hearing aids. Now, thanks to advanced technology, that has changed. Students at Tucker Maxon, with the assistance of proper hearing aids or cochlear implants, learn to listen with their devices and are engaged in music more than ever before.

Through our music programs, children learn to match pitch changes, sustain their voices, follow rhythmic patterns, sing rounds, and play instruments. Children have the opportunity to perform in our choir concerts, which helps them develop confidence.

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