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Tucker Maxon School’s comprehensive, on-campus services for teaching auditory learning and spoken language are unmatched in the region.

We are proud to offer extensive, on-campus resources that benefit all of the students at Tucker Maxon. Master’s degrees are held by 90% of our highly-qualified teaching staff, and our small class sizes ensure that your child will get the personalized attention and education they need in order to thrive. We also have unique outdoor play spaces to expand your child’s mind including a chicken coop, goat enclosure, garden, and one-of-a-kind tree-house classroom.

Unlike other schools in the Portland area, we are able to offer on-site speech instruction, as well as audiology services, for our students with hearing loss. Classrooms are also equipped with sound-field systems to assist children in hearing their teacher’s verbal instructions. We also provide early intervention services to deaf or hard of hearing children and their families from birth through 3 years. Learn more about the programs Tucker Maxon can offer you and your family:

Extended Care Services

Early Intervention

Tele Intervention Services

Speech Pathology

Audiology Services

Diagnostic Services

Teachers of the Deaf

Facility Rental Services

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