Each Tucker Maxon elementary classroom offers a personalized, integrated curriculum based on the new Common Core State Standards.

Every day math, reading, writing and spelling are woven into all areas of learning with an emphasis on strong communication and critical thinking. Science and social studies are integrated in rich, student-driven projects that are completed throughout the year.

Our 12-14 average class sizes have both typical hearing students and students who deaf or hard of hearing. All children receive strong support from classroom teachers and volunteers in individual, small- and large-group activities. Each Elementary classroom offers:

  • Small class sizes with an 8:1 Student:Teacher ratio, which allows each student to receive the personalized instruction they need.
  • A sound-field system, to assist students in hearing the teacher’s voice — which is thought to improve literacy development in children.
  • Access to a licensed teacher of the deaf or hard of hearing, on-site speech-language pathology, and on-site audiology services for children with hearing loss.

Elementary School Amenities

  • Physical education in a full-sized gymnasium, complete with a climbing wall.
  • Music classes, including choir and instrument exploration.
  • Art Classes: Focus on self-expression using a variety of different mediums.
  • Large on-campus playground
  • Access to our nature area: including garden exploration, gathering eggs from our hen house, and caring for our goats.
  • Regular reports on your child’s progress with the use of developmental checklist.
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