Henry Family – Year End 2017

Dear Friends of Tucker Maxon, Erin Henry “just knew” her daughter Vivian was deaf from the day she was born. Unlike parents with typical hearing, Erin already knew about being deaf because she is too. Erin also knew about Tucker Maxon School because she is an alumna. Erin’s father moved their family all the way from California to Portland when Erin was five so she could attend Tucker Maxon. Erin started bringing baby Vivian to Early Intervention here when she was just three months old. Erin knew how important it was to start Early Intervention as soon as possible. Typically … Continue reading

Hadden Family – Year End 2016

Dear Friends of Tucker Maxon, Just a few short months ago, we moved 2,600 miles away from everyone we know, love, and consider family in Alabama so that our two children, Corrigan and Chantry, could attend Tucker Maxon School. We uprooted our lives, our jobs, and our finances to make it happen because we want our children to have the opportunity to develop their full potential and succeed in life. After careful research, we chose to move to Portland because we believe Tucker Maxon can help make that happen. Five years ago, we sat across from an audiologist and braced ourselves … Continue reading

St. John Family – Year End 2015

Step inside the kindergarten classroom at Tucker Maxon and you’ll quickly be surrounded by the sound of excited young voices as busy students read and share stories, cut and color art projects, and chat with friends during snack time. You’ll find Sydney St. John, a sparkly five-year-old who was born with profound hearing loss, right in the middle of the action – listening, talking, laughing and learning. For Sydney and her family, this is a miraculous gift. When Sydney was born with hearing loss in both ears in May 2010, her parents were devastated. “It was a complete shock. I … Continue reading

Johnson Family – Spring 2015

I recently had the honor of sharing personal testimony on the impact of Tucker Maxon on our family at this year’s auction. Thank you to all the supporters present at the event who heard our story and so generously made a contribution. If you were unable to attend, this letter is intended for you. I encourage you to read how Tucker Maxon has been an amazing miracle for our family, especially our oldest son, Brady. As the school approaches the end of the fiscal year on June 30th, I hope that you will join my family in making a donation … Continue reading

LaCroix-Sage Family – Year End 2014

Dear Friends of Tucker-Maxon School, I am delighted to reach out to you as the new Executive Director of Tucker-Maxon School. At Tucker, we teach deaf and hearing children to listen and talk together! Our intentional focus is on spoken language and emotional intelligence for all students. In this season of giving, I hope you will join me in supporting our wonderful school. Since beginning here in June, I have learned that Tucker-Maxon changes many lives. Nowhere is this more evident than in the story of Anna Joy. Anna was born deaf in rural Montana. At 19 months, she received … Continue reading