Year End Campaign 2017

“I am grateful for the teachers and staff at Tucker Maxon who helped me grow and are now helping Vivian soar!”
– Erin Henry

Erin Henry “just knew” her daughter Vivian was deaf from the day she was born. Unlike parents with typical hearing, Erin already knew about being deaf because she is too. Erin also knew about Tucker Maxon School because she is an alumna. Erin’s father moved their family all the way from California to Portland when Erin was five so she could attend Tucker Maxon. Erin started bringing baby Vivian to Early Intervention here when she was just three months old.  Erin knew how important it was to start Early Intervention as soon as possible. Typically hearing children begin hearing while still in the womb, and begin learning and developing language skills from the moment they are born. For babies like Vivian, time lost was potentially language lost. Please make a year-end gift today so children like Vivian can get the critical support they need to begin their journey to hearing & speech.

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