Children Learning Together — How it Works

Each class is taught by a Master’s degree-certified teacher. A typical class has a majority of children with typical hearing and several children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Children with hearing loss receive additional services from a licensed Teacher of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and have access to on-site speech-language pathology and audiology services. All children receive strong support from classroom teachers and volunteers in individual, small- and large-group activities.

website-learning All classrooms are equipped with a sound-field system for the benefit of the hearing as well as the children with hearing loss. A sound-field system makes it easier for the students to hear the teacher’s voice. Research has found that sound-field systems may improve literacy development in all children.

The Tucker Maxon Curriculum


Each classroom offers a personalized integrated curriculum based on the new Common Core State Standards. Every day, math, reading, writing and spelling are woven into all areas of learning with an emphasis on strong communication and critical thinking. Science and social studies are integrated in rich student-driven projects that are completed throughout the year. A perfect example of this collaborative and flexible curriculum is the annual Cultural Night. Leading up to this special event, the children learn about the history, geography, culture, economy, and demographics of a selected country. The culmination of this group effort is a unique public demonstration and presentation of each class’s knowledge.

Deaf and hard of hearing enrollment information:                  Typical hearing enrollment information:

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