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In order for our students to access the sounds that are important for spoken language development and classroom learning, each child must be wearing the best programmed hearing aids, cochlear implants and FM/DM systems all day, every day.

Teachers check device function each morning, and any necessary troubleshooting, repairs, adjustments or loaner devices are provided by our on-site pediatric audiologist. We also use sound field FM speakers in every classroom, ensuring the teacher’s voice is always audible, which benefits all students (and the teacher!).

Our audiologist also offers comprehensive services for students with hearing loss and alumni, whether they are using hearing aids, cochlear implants, or both. We work with a variety of hearing aid and cochlear manufacturers in order to provide our clients access to the latest technology.

The following services are available in the Tucker Maxon Audiology Clinic:

  • Audiological Evaluations (ages 6 months to 21 years)
  • Hearing Aid Consultation and Programming using Real-Ear Measures (ages 0 months to 21 years)
  • Cochlear Implant Mapping (ages 8-12 months to 21 years)
  • FM System Fitting (ages 12 months to 21 years)
  • Speech Perception Testing / Auditory Skill Evaluation (ages 1 year to 21 years)
  • FREE Newborn Hearing Screenings using OAEs (ages 0-3 years)

Our audiology clinic currently does not serve adults over age 22, except in cases of urgent need. To find an audiologist, please use one of the following directories:


To have your audiology records sent to another audiologist, please email

Shelby Atwill

Pediatric Audiologist Tucker Maxon School
2860 SE Holgate Boulevard Portland OR 97202 United States