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Tucker Maxon is facing the most formidable challenge in the school’s 73-year history, and we need your help. The COVID-19 crisis has had an immediate impact on the families we serve. Since much of the economy shut down in mid-March, many families have found themselves without jobs and facing uncertain economic futures. Thus far, fifteen families have applied for emergency financial aid to decrease their child’s tuition. On April 23, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to waive tuition for preschool students in May and June, as long as our campus remains closed. Tucker Maxon is forecasting at minimum a $75,000 decline in tuition revenue due to this crisis.

When schools first closed across the state in March, we made three rapid decisions:

  • We transitioned to distance learning. Our new motto is “we haven’t closed, we’ve moved online.” We are on Google Hangouts, Zoom and Facebook. The teachers have done an amazing job of pivoting to this new way of teaching. We continue to provide clinical services for our kids, despite the distance. Recently, students even got to see the goats safe and sound on Jerry’s farm.
  • The Board of Directors and leadership of the school made the important decision to guarantee teachers and staff their pay and benefits for the rest of the school year, so they can make it through this difficult time.
  • We decided to use the closure to make improvements to the campus: deep cleaning all carpets, installing a new fire alarm system, removing hazardous trees, re-carpeting the Early Intervention room, and continuing work on our new HVAC systems.

While it is possible the school will finish the year in the red, for the first time in six years, our reserves will enable Tucker Maxon to continue operations for the foreseeable future. We saved for a rainy day, and here it is.

Under the CARES Act, donors can deduct gifts up to $300 on their 2020 taxes without itemizing.

It is in times like these that we reach out to you, our loyal donors, and seek help. Would you consider making a gift of $300 or more today? Your gift will be put to use immediately to provide financial aid to children who are deaf, as well as their typically-hearing peers.

Please note that the 2020 CARES Act, passed by Congress at the end of March, contained a number of provisions designed to help nonprofits weather this challenging time. In particular, taxpayers can now deduct charitable giving up to $300 on their 2020 taxes, without the need to itemize.What this means is starting in 2020, individuals who do not itemize deductions will receive a direct deduction of up to $300 from their taxable income for giving to certain nonprofit organizations, like Tucker Maxon, in addition to the standard deduction already allowed.

I encourage you to use this opportunity to support children who attend Tucker Maxon, like Tia below, who depend on our school to reach their full potential in life. We are fortunate to have a loyal donor base and we are grateful for your contributions. As a past supporter, I hope you will consider a gift today to ensure that Tucker Maxon can continue to offer life-changing education to our students.

Together we help. Together we heal. Together we stand.

With Gratitude,

Glen Gilbert,
Executive Director

PS You can make a gift right now at

“My parents moved from India, so I could attend Tucker Maxon School. I love to draw and read Pinkalicious!” -Tia R., Kindergarten

Tia is one of the many students with a hearing loss at Tucker Maxon. Your donation helps students like Tia receive an excellent education, in spite of this crisis. Make a donation now.

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